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Provider Meeting - Shared screen with speaker view
Andrew Eng, Commission on Disabilities Staff Liaison
Menlo Park would be interested in tablets but like to know more about requirements and reports before getting any.
Hope Nakamura, LASSMC
Can we contact AAS on a case by case basis as we identify seniors/people with disabilities who might benefit from the program? Or do we need to take them in advance?
Anna Sawamura
Hi Hope, we can discuss this further once requirements are received from CDA...
Kelli Jo Cullinan-City of SSF
I would be interested in hearing more about this program.
Cristina Ugaitafa
Good morning. I wanted to let you know that through the County Manager's Office, there are weekly social media messages that are posted. I noticed that this week, the messages are mostly geared towards the vaccine hesitant. If you're interested in receiving these weekly message sheets to share, let me know.
Christina Irving
FCA has a number of classes coming up soon too, including one on young caregivers: https://www.caregiver.org/connecting-caregivers/events-classes/
Stefanie Bonigut (she/her)
Patty, I would love an updated Memory Café flier!
Stefanie Bonigut (she/her)
August Alz Assoc virtual classes
Cristina Ugaitafa
Back to Hope's question about groups that we're seeing lower vaccine rates, for San Mateo County specific data on COVID, you can go here: https://www.smchealth.org/data-dashboard/vaccination-demographic-data. You'll see that we have lower vaccine rates for the African-American, Latino, and Native Hawaiian/Pacific Islander populations.
Ann Cooney, Daly City
Sorry I have to leave for another Zoom. Thank you for another helpful meeting!