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Economic Recovery Roundtable: Understanding the Economic Impacts of the Pandemic - Shared screen with speaker view
Jo’s iPhone
Good morning. Jo Coffaro from the Hospital Council of Northern and Central California
Bart Charlow
Good morning. Bart Charlow from Samaritan House.
Mike Stancil
Mike Stancil from Daly City Partnership
Jennifer Chen
Good morning from City of San Mateo!
Peggy Jensen (she, her)
Welcome! Peggy Jensen with San Mateo County
Luther Jackson, NOVAworks
Good morning! Luther Jackson, NOVAworks
Susan Wright - County of San Mateo
Good morning! I'm Susan Wright from the County of San Mateo Office of Sustainability
Kitty Lopez
Good morning....Kitty Lopez, Executive Director, First 5 SMC
Christy Wegener
Christy Wegener, SamTrans
Kris Stadelman
Good morning, Kris Stadelman from NOVAworks
Sarah Kinahan
Sarah Kinahan, San Mateo County Child Care Partnership Council
Rosanne Foust
Good Morning Everyone. Rosanne Foust @SAMCEDA.
Heather Cleary
Heather Cleary, Peninsula Family Service
Marah Curry
Good Morning! Marah Curry, Foster City Chamber of Commerce
Mitzy De La Peña Medina- Biocom Ca.
Hi Everyone- Mitzy De La Peña Medina - Biocom Ca.
Ted Burgwyn (Caltrain)
Good morning, Ted Burgwyn from Caltrain.
Matt Regan
Hi Matt Regan from the Bay Area Council.
Christine Thorsteinson
Good morning. Christine Thorsteinson, Silicon Valley Community Foundation
Saba Bokharey
Hi! Saba Bokharey with the County Office of Budget, Policy, & Performance.
Bob Jystad
Good morning. Robert Jystad from Crown Castle.
Benjamin McMullan
Ben McMullan- CID San Mateo
Stephen Garcia - Crown Castle
Stephen Garcia, Crown Castle
Samantha Tucci
Samantha Tucci, San Mateo Couny
Jon Rosen
Good Morning, Jon Rosen from Crown Castle
Juanita Croft
Juanita Croft, Belle Haven Community Development Fund (Menlo Park)
Bernie Mellott
Good morning, Bernie Mellott, Ombudsman Services of San Mateo County.
Jason Camarena
Hello everyone. Jason Camarena here with Crown Castle
Wendi Baker
Wendi Baker - Harmonie Park Development
Keith Severson
Good morning Keith Severson Graniterock
Liz Scully- Little Laughs Early Learning Program
Good Morning, Liz Scully Licensed Family Childcare Provider
Diana Bautista- Stanford Children's Health
Diana Bautista, SCH
Christine Padilla
Christine Padilla, Build Up San Mateo County
John Hutar
John Hutar, CEO San Mateo County/Silicon Valley Convention and Visitors Bureau - Good morning everyone!
Amanda Anthony
GOod morning, Amanda Anthony from Renaissance Entrepreneurship Center / North County Business Resource Center
Kristen Anderson
Kristen Anderson, Child Care Planning and Policy Consultant
Georgia Farooq
Good morning - Georgia with Thrive Alliance
Shireen Malekafzali (she/her)
Good morning. Shireen Malekafzali (she/her), Chief Equity Officer, San Mateo County
Liza Normandy
Good morning! Liza Normandy with the SSF Chamber of Commerce
Linda Wolin
Good morning. Linda Wolin (she/her), Senior Legislative Aide for Sup Dave Pine.
Angela Tsui
Good morning all! Angela Tsui with City of Menlo Park.
Larisa Ocañada - SAMCEDA
Good morning! - Larisa Ocanada, SAMCEDA
Rosa Shields San Mateo Central Labor Council
Hello! Rosa Shields with the San Mateo Labor Council
John Ford
Happy Wednesday! John Ford, Commute.org
David Fleishman
Good morning. David Fleishman, Executive Director, 4Cs of San Mateo County.
Ashley Raggio
Good Morning! Ashley Raggio, Building Back Better (Joint Venture SV)
Jennifer Torai
Jennifer Torai - Director of Local Government Affairs for Stanford Health Care, Stanford University
Juda Tolmasoff (she/her)
Good morning! Juda Tolmasoff, Office of Supervisor Carole Groom
Rico E. Medina
Good Morning - Rico from City of San Bruno
Margot Grant Gould (she/her)
Good morning, Margot Grant Gould, working on the SMC Recovery Initiative
Laura Parmer-Lohan
Laura Parmer-Lohan, Mayor, City of San Carlos & Chief of Staff Amgen
Pauline Cheung, San Mateo Area Chamber of Commerce
Good morning - Pauline Cheung from the San Mateo Area Chamber of Commerce
Michelle B. she/her/hers F5
Michelle Blakely- F5 Good Morning everyone!
Gina Quiney, D2
Gina Quiney, The Big Lift & Office of Supervisor Carole Groom
Marci Dragun (she/her)
Marci Dragun from Supervisor Slocum's office
Stephen Garcia - Crown Castle
Thank you for the invite. I need to drop for another call. Best regards, Stephen
John Hutar
Question for Matt: Please explain the assumption used as to when tech sector will return to campus and at what percentage of its former self? It's becoming clear that full return may never happen or X number of years out. This could have a profound impact on future housing demand.
Danielle Lee
Thank you for joining us this morning. We have time for Q&A after our panelists present, so please continue to pose questions via the chat.
Matt Regan
John, there are a lot of different perspectives and plans across the whole economy including tech, about return to work. Some companies have offered employees permanent remote work options, others on the opposite end of the spectrum are requiring all employees to return 5 days a week when it is safe to do so. I think we will be in a state of some flux for some time.
Susan Kokores
Question for Matt…You mention that we need to focus on building market rate housing. Still, few can afford market rate. Do you expect prices to go down with building more housing?
Michael Brownrigg
Michael Brownrigg, Burlingame City Council, and acting Chief of Staff to United Hope Builders. I assume slide decks will be circulated? Super helpful graphics on lots of crucial policy issues.
Matt Regan
Hi Susan, good question! there are a lot of things that drive the cost of a home; land costs, process costs, hard construction costs, but the biggest is the shortage and people bidding up the very few homes that come on the market. It costs on average about $750K to build a home in San Mateo but the mediam sale price is $1.6M....that's all driven by supply/demand mismatch. If we build sufficient new units to meet demand there will definitely by a softening in price, by how much? that's impossible to predict....but we know one thing is certain, not building to meet market demand has driven prices up by 10% YOY for a decade.
Meghan Aminto
Materials from all four Roundtables, including presentations and notes, are posted online here: https://smcrecovery.org/?page_id=540
Developers of market rate single family housing have no constraints, as they buy and tear down smaller, more affordable houses and replace them with the large, unaffordable homes available only to high income families. Thus driving the cost of housing way up to accomodate their profits and dictating the economic divesrity - or lack thereof - of our neigborhoods and county. How do we stem this bad tide?
Matt Regan
HI Rayna,
Michael Brownrigg
What is difficult about this next phase of housing in SV is that it has to go up. In the old days — which we always quote for the “good old days” of housing construction — most of the units were on raw land, traditional suburban developments (sometimes called sprawl). There is no where left to sprawl and not enough public transit to serve new sprawl, so the next phase of housing has to go up, and in traditional suburban cities on the Peninsula, that is a very difficult transition to comprehend. I often think renderings might be a powerful tool to help grow acceptance for greater density. No one likes change, but change AND uncertainty are really tough politically.
Julie Lind, San Mateo Labor Council
Labor would love to help lead on that.
Matt Regan
Do you have any specific examples in mind of this happening? Even the smallest tear down SFH in San Mateo County sells for close to $1M. I don't know that there's a developer who is buying million dollar homes for demolition to build larger single family homes. There might be some one off cases, but to the best of my knowledge its not something that's happening very often.
Rosanne Foust (she/her) SAMCEDA
This is a terrific list of next steps for economic recovery and child care. Provides actionable possibilities. Very much appreciate that.
Check out TJ Homes. They are snapping up and tearing down small homes all over San Mateo County -
Bart Charlow
This may sound counter to the trend, but I've operated child and elder care under the same state licensing authorities, and I think they actually need to relax the child/elder to caregiver ratios. Otherwise we'll always be paying too little to the workers while charging too much to the parents!
Matt Regan
Absolutely correct Michael. Building on an already developed landscape is much more challenging. I like to say that development follows the path of least resistance and almond orchards don't file lawsuits, angry neighbors do. We need to build more homes close to jobs and transit but those locations are also the most challenging....what the state needs to to is step in and make it easier to build in these locations not harder as it is today.
Benjamin McMullan
I unfortunately need to jump to another meeting. I've very much enjoyed the presentations
Heather Cleary
Thanks Michelle and David! Great presentation!
Amy Buckmaster -Chamber San Mateo County
Thank you Michelle and David! Wonderful
Julie Lind, San Mateo Labor Council
Loving the discussion of centralization and streamlining to make often daunting systems more accessible. Also need all such things offered in multiple languages, particularly as many of our displaced service sector workers are monolingual Spanish, Chinese and Tagalog speakers.
Bernie Mellott
Thank you for the presentation on Child Care. I believe this presentation goes hand in hand with Senior Care.
Luther Jackson, NOVAworks
Michelle and David, I greatly appreciate your holistic presentation of the child care challenges. We at NOVAworks look forward to partnering with you on workforce and related issues.
Liz Scully- Little Laughs Early Learning Program
thanks Michelle and David. Im confident we can build a great system for SM childcare providers and families!
Christine Padilla
+1 Liz agree!!!
Amanda Anthony
Glad to see that! As a zero-car household, I have been mostly satisfied with SAMTRANS networks but the weekend service can be really rough to use.
David Fleishman
Thank you Luther. So glad to be connected with NOVAworks and look forward to partnering!
Margi Power (she/her/hers)
@Matt - when appropriate (either in chat or at end of presentation) can you please comment on the new housing bills recently signed by the Governor and how they may alleviate the housing crisis?
Christy Wegener
@Amanda - we are proposing significant weekend improvements - including doubling Route ECR frequency to 15 minutes. Improving off peak service is critical to providing quality transportation.
Amanda Anthony
Great to hear, and I hope that you'll be able to hire the folks you need to make it happen!
Do we have an action plan now?
Michelle B. she/her/hers F5
We need an action plan now! agreed
Dayna Chung
Great point, Michelle! We definitely need at least one person who is solely focused on child care workforce issues, plus more who can engage in various pieces of career navigation that’s integrated with shared services support. Grateful for Michelle and David’s leadership and advocacy on workforce!
Juda Tolmasoff (she/her)
Thanks for offering this series of Economic Roundtables. They have all been very interesting and educational. I, unfortately, need to leave for another meeting, now. Great work...looking forward to the actions that come next.
Question for Michelle, how is the childcare supply and demand in the coming year in Bay Area? Should childcare needs to do more? Thanks,
Christine Padilla
Just wanted to share a recent case study Build Up SMC did on child care in new developments. Thanks Michelle and David for covering this issue so well! https://drive.google.com/file/d/1vGzGsfNrwfN9zW_0xr5kE9o_T6mdtyn-/view
Dayna Chung
Child care IS infrastructure, so we definitely need to invest in it which the same attention and dollars we do other essential resources. Grateful to see child care elevated in these Roundtable conversations.
Question for Matt. Affordable housing is not necessary affordable in Bay Area. The real estate price is still climbing, what is the magic number to keep people stay in the Bay, Thanks.
Peggy Jensen (she, her)
@Rayna - we are updating the action plan developed a year ago - see SMCRecovery.org - and will be adding ideas from the roundtables and others with a goal of having an updated plan by the end of the year.
John Hutar
Good discussion - need to jump off now - available as needed for deeper dive regarding corporate sector recovery. Have a great day.
Sarah Kinahan
As Michelle said, the San Mateo County Child Care Partnership Council will be coming out with a new child care and preschool needs assessment in Spring 2022. The report will look at supply and demand, cost of care, and emerging needs of families with young children and child care providers. You can learn more about CCPC on our website - this is where we’ll post the needs assessment when completed.
Sarah Kinahan
Susan Kokores
Thank you all for hosting this wonderful Roundtable Series. All have been excellent. I believe you have answered this many times before, but slides are available for us to access, is this correct? Thank you again to all involved!
Danielle Lee
Hi Susan, thank you for joining us. All materials from the Roundtables, including presentations and notes, are posted online here: https://smcrecovery.org/?page_id=540
Susan Kokores
Thank you Danielle!
Marah Curry
thanks very much! Great session!!
Matt Regan
mregan@bayareacouncil appy to answer any questions!
Luther Jackson, NOVAworks
Excellent presentations. All did a great job of connecting the dots. Thank you!!
Daisy F
This is for @matt. There was an earlier question on the chat regarding tech’s shift to a more remote work force and away from having the workforce commute to the office. Not sure if you answered it but I’m curious about how will this shift impact housing supplies? Are we seeing these newly remote workers moving out of the area or just staying put?
Amy Buckmaster -Chamber San Mateo County
Thank you for a fantastic morning of informative presentations.
Great presentation, learned a lot. Thank you everyone